Property Management

Ownership of a property in the UK is very appealing due to the benefits it may bring, however it is not without its challenges and potential liabilities with on-going maintenance and ensuring one keeps up with ever changing regulation.

Our Property Management team is highly qualified with years of experience having managed large portfolios in Central and Greater London.

For all our management properties we conduct an initial report, which details the exact make-up and nature of each property. This gives us a comprehensive understanding and makes us better qualified to act on your behalf in the event a tradesman is appointed, a managing agent having a query or other issues arising concerning the premises.

If and when a tenant needs to be sought we are able to source the highest calibre tenant for you through the most professional network of letting agents we work with. Due to our established relations with these agents we are offered preferential rates, which we can then pass on to our clients. We will work together with them to set the right pricing and terms.

Once a rental offer has been submitted we will conduct rigorous reference checks on the proposed tenants. Ultimately, a report will be presented to you giving you clear and coherent information relating to their occupation, finance and history of their nature as tenants. Upon approval contracts are produced and signed.

Subsequently, an independent inventory is conducted on the property and signed off by the tenants. This confirms the exact condition and contents of the property as and when the tenant takes possession. The same process is then conducted when the tenant vacates the property. Thus, if there is any disparity, allowing for inevitable wear and tear, compensatory funds may be claimed off their security deposit.

We will ensure standing orders are set up with the tenant’s bank so their rent is debited on time each month, which we will then forward to an account of your choosing.

Our team will assist switching over all utility bills and council tax in the names of the new tenants.

We will co-ordinate repairs and maintenance of the property as necessary throughout the management period. We have a selected number of trusted contractors that we will obtain competitive quotes from when repair or maintenance is required.

With your instructions we may deal directly with your managing agent and/or freeholder, if applicable. This could be for anything from service charges and ground rents to planning permission.
In property management no two days are the same, our versatility and tailored service will ensure your property is managed the way you want it to be.

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