Managed Sales

The Woolridge Evans Managed Sales service undertakes the entire sale procedure of your property on your behalf, taking away the burden that comes with the practice and ensuring a well placed buyer is found, paying the best possible price.

We will work with you to select the most suitable local selling agent and determine the most accurate valuation of your property thereby tailoring the most effective marketing strategy. Through our property sourcing and management departments we are a known entity to the leading corporate and independent estate agencies throughout London and the Home Counties. As such we are offered favourable rates from agents that our clients benefit from.

Maintaining your interests at all times, we will manage the relationship with the selected selling agent and provide you with live updates. Our team will keep you informed with details and feedback on every viewing at the property. At the point of an offer being presented, we will qualify this by obtaining comprehensive details of any proposed purchaser and then undertake the negotiation. Using our extensive experience in this field we will secure the best possible price on your behalf on the best terms.

Official reports indicate 20-30% of sales agreed do not go through and make it to exchange of contracts. This is largely due to miscommunication and a lack of transparency on matters relating to the sale. Our rigorous procedure mitigates such pitfalls as we obtain all relevant documentation and proofs, whilst speaking directly to the proposed purchaser’s representation.

On your side, we are able to offer our relationships with the most efficient and credited brokers, solicitors and surveyors.

Ultimately, the Managed Sales service assures our clients a seamless transfer in their property’s ownership as we handle the potentially stressful and time-consuming elements, whilst achieving the best price on your terms.

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