Time has shown that bricks and mortar set in the right location provides one of the best investment opportunities around. The options are numerous and can be very rewarding given the right offering, negotiation and execution.

Our investment service seeks to identify the goals set by you, whether that be a high capital appreciation on the asset, a high yielding return or indeed both! With London known as one of the most renowned capitals in the world for business, tourism and culture, the historical attraction of stability and incentive in its property industry is set to remain.

The ever increasing number of property investments coming in from home and abroad may make it difficult finding the ideal property, let alone one warranting the financial outlay required. Woolridge Evans will source the right investment property on your behalf, negotiate the price and terms in your favour, we will then oversee the sale until completion.

Subsequently, we may manage the property on your behalf. If you wish to let your property we will call upon our network of letting professionals to ensure the highest quality tenant is found paying the optimum rental rate.

Furthermore, as part of our continued relationship with our clients we will keep you informed at least on an annual basis of the current market value of your property so you are best informed on the status of your investment and can plan accordingly.

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